Music With Ms Jamie

Music With Ms Jamie Policies & Tuition Pricing

All students must be enrolled into Music With Ms Jamie prior to the start of lessons and classes to ensure the policies are understood and signed.  
Private music lessons are given on certain days and times during the week upon the discretion of the music instructor. Lessons are held once per week for 30 minutes per student. There are 5 sessions throughout the school year, with each session holding 6 lessons. The website calendar will always be available to check for session start times and days off. 

Group lessons are available for siblings only and may not exceed 2 students per lesson. The instrument of study needs to be the same for siblings taking group lessons. Group lessons are 45 mins one day per week.

Recital opportunities will be given at the end of the school year and it is highly recommended to participate. 

Parents may drop off their child and run errands or feel free to stay and watch. Please be mindful of prompt pick-up times if dropping off your child, as I give lessons back to back. 

To enroll, parents/guardians need to fill out a form online on the MWMJ website:

Music classes, such as Music for the Young Child, are given once per week for 45 minutes per class for the 3-7 years age group and 30 mins per class for ages 0-2 years. There are about 5 sessions per school year (6 classes per session). All families must register online at the website listed above. No more than 12 students can be enrolled at one time. All students age 3 and under must be supervised by a parent/caregiver. It is encouraged for parents to stay and even join in the fun. Young students get excited to see moms, dads, grandparents, present and observing. 

Summer Music Workshops
During the summer, there will be music workshops and camps. Registration times and fees will be given as soon as they are made available. These workshops and camps are generally one week long and range from 3-5 hours per day. Recital opportunities on the last day of camp or workshops will be scheduled. Proper paperwork and tuition payments must be turned in at the scheduled due dates. It is recommended to bring a water bottle and snacks, and be mindful of possible allergies, and refrain from peanuts or any tree nut if possible. 

Early Childhood Classes on site
Please contact me directly for more information about teaching music at your early childhood program. My availability is limited, but I am always willing to find ways to make our schedules work. Classroom teachers must be present during classes.  

After registration and enrollment, I will email an invoice with the total cost of tuition. Payments must be made prior to the start of class to ensure class materials are ordered on time. Tuition costs are as follows: 

Private music lessons: $120 per session (6 lessons)
Group music lessons: $200 per session- (6 lessons)
Music for the Young Child 0-2 years: $70 per child per session  $60 second child  $50 third child (6 classes)
Music for the Young Child 3-7 years: $80 per child per session  $70 second child  $60 third child (6 classes) 

Refunds will be handled case-by-case. All situations are unique. Contact me ASAP if you need assistance with tuition. 

Sometimes life gets busy with students and families. Please give me at least a 24 hour notice (if possible) if your child will miss a lesson or class. No refunds will be given for missed classes or private lessons. However, I will do my best to schedule a make-up lesson if I am notified ahead of time.  
There are days that I, the music instructor, may need to cancel abruptly. Should this happen, I will notify all families ASAP, and a make-up lesson or make-up classes WILL BE SCHEDULED, GUARANTEED. Examples of instructor cancellations may be illness, inclement weather, last minute meetings, parent-teacher conferences, appointments, or sporting events. I have reserved Friday evenings for make-up lessons and classes.  
To avoid student-families-instructor burnout, I have scheduled one week off after each 6 week session. This will give students, families, and myself a quick break to reenergize and plan after the sessions.
There will be no lessons or classes during holidays or spring breaks that follow the Berlin School District. If school cancels or lets out early due to inclement weather, it is best to cancel lessons and classes to stay safe. I will do my best to reschedule.
If you have any questions about these policies, please contact me (920) 290-4019 call or text.  😊 Ms Jamie